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long time user of Arch linux, but with updating Arch sometimes things went broken and I had to interfere manually to fix things in configs.
Tried Manjaro linux xfce4 which is really good but missed openbox.

Went to Mabox Linus, using it now for about a week and loves this distro.
A screenshot:

Thanks for making this, super


Welcome to the forum @lucky58

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Hello and greetings. I’m mainly a Manjaro user, although I can be called a distro-jumper :slight_smile: . I’m also an active member of Polish and main Manjaro Forum under the same nickname.
Mabox is a very interesting distribution and I will probably install it on my older laptop. For now I’m testing under VirtualBox on Manjaro of course :wink:


Welcome to the forum @Manonfire :slight_smile:

Hi all; really long-time *nix user. On Mabox now and loving it; this distro suits me to a ‘T’ and I just want to thank you guys for the time/effort invested in this. I can’t believe I have not stumbled on this earlier.

Thanks again


Hi @jdstrydom, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hello, @jdstrydom. You’ve come to the right place.