New default tint2 as of June 2023

If you like to use new tint2 from Juni 2023 ISO…

cd ~/.config/tint2

Select it from: super + alt + p → Choose Tint2…

From release announcement:

Default panel changes/improvements

As you probably know (or not), the tint2 panel allows you to attach many actions to the buttons: separately for: left-click, right-click, middle-click, scroll-up and scroll-down events.
In Mabox we have been using these possibilities for a long time, this time several possibilities have been added:

  • The wallpaper icon allows you to: select a wallpaper, set a random one and show a menu with actions related to wallpapers (Colorizer, Slideshow, configuration of wallpaper directories)
  • The music and sound menu – accessible by right-clicking on the volume control icon – is now a lightweight mpv-based audio player.
    It’s not a replacement for the full-featured player, but it’s useful if you need background music for a coding session, for example.
  • Right-click on the clock shows a menu for configuring the clock: you can quickly change the color, font and format for both lines.


Also, if you need to use Cortile together with Mabox’s panel applet for controlling it…

mkdir -p ~/.config/cortile
cd ~/.config/cortile/
cd ~/.config/cortile/tint2-cortile/

Install cortile:

yay cortile

And start it from middle-click on desktop menu.