New Conky set for Mabox Istredd

There are new Conky set available for upcoming Mabox Istredd. They intended to use with new tool Colorizer.
You can have it now by installing mabox-colorizer.

There are 9 conky configs:

  • 3 with keyboard shortcuts
  • 2 sysinfo (with bars or graphs)
  • 2 with clock (and date)
  • Mabox 3D logo
  • and one with quote

If you like to translate it to your language, please send them back to me so I can include them.
Github repo → GitHub - Mabox-Linux/conkies-mabox-istredd: conkies-mabox-istredd

Only five conkies need to be translated: 3 with shortcuts and 2 sysinfo.

Colorizer will let you edit individual conkies easily, click “EDIT…”, Conky will be reloaded automatically after you save file.


please whenever you have time until this weekend, send me those 5 conky files to translate into Spanish (3 with shortcuts + 2 sysinfo conkies)


You have them already if you installed mabox-colorizer, You can just run colorizer, enable conkies and edit them comfortably having live preview with your changes.


I would like to translate them into Danish and other things that can be translated into Danish. But how do I do this, I do not know anything about GitHub


@Snubbi you can send me translated Conkys to e-mail. I will PM you my address.

As of other things… There is no easy way to translate, it’s a lot of work, and I can’t imagine doing it without Git.
Let’s postpone it for the future.