Nemo does not run as default file manager

I want to use the Nemo file manager instead of pcmanfm.

I installed nemo and it works correctly when I run it from the terminal.

I have set nemo as the default file manager.

When I want to start the file manager from the tint2 toolbar panel, nemo does not start. Likewise, when I use the ctrl+sup F

I have found that when running nemo ias daemon, it will launch from the toolbar.

I found that pcmanfm is run by a script

.config/openbox/autostart:(sleep 1s && pcmanfm -d) &


but I can’t get nemo to run as a daemon. I was advised to run it with the command

nohup nemo --no-default-window &

but that doesn’t work properly, it quits.

Why I set up nemo to run from the panel and using a shortcut key?


No idea about running nemo as daemon. Consult manpage, help or some documentation if you need that.

@domogled I couldn’t find the “run as a daemon” like pcmanfm or Thunar but there is some info on this file-manager in the Arch wiki: Nemo - ArchWiki

From what I read Nemo has been forked from Nautilus (now Gnome files) to be used by Cinnamon desktop environment. Should run on any DE/WM I think but not sure about the functionality you could loose when not running on Cinnamon.

You could also use Thunar as a replacement for pcmanfm. I know for sure it has the run in daemon mode, I used that for early mounting external sdcard/usb devices.