Mouse and keyboard config dialog is missing

Hi, maybe someone pointed out. The Mouse/touchpad and Keyboard Configuration dialog is not accesible now. Neither from the Mabox Control Center nor the Win-S keyboard shortcut nor the search within the menus.

I think it is just some typo in some config file because it was before the last update. I’m thinking it is something to do with the update of menus. On my side I do not what is the name of dialog to do it on the terminal…

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Hi @lobaluna
Do you have lxinput installed?

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Yes, @napcok

I had plugged in a Wacom tablet. Now I moved it away from my laptop and the mouse settings are back!

Funny thing. I can’t explain it. Sorry to bother.

On the other way, talking about drawing tablets, which program do you recommend to configure it? Could be a CLI program, of course…

Again, congratulations! I love Mabox, better that Gnome Manjaro and other Manjaro flavors.