More than one ítem in the menu

For some reason I have duplicate items in the menu, I don’t know why, I don’t know how to solve it or if this is a consequence of some other problem. My Mabox is happily up to date as of today.
For example:

Hola @Claudio
edit ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml
in my opinion obmenu-generator is not installed by default.
yay obmenu-generator
This might be an old script (?):
cat /usr/bin/mb-regenerate-menu


#Jeśli jest pipemenu to nic nie rób
if grep -q "item label" "$MENU";then
    if grep -q icon= "$MENU"; then
        #Static menu with icons
        obmenu-generator -s -i -c
    #Static menu without icons:
        obmenu-generator -s -cc

(the Polish comment line If there is pipemenu do nothing)
Edit: Sorry Claudio. I admit this is useless or rather dangerous. The fact that obmenu-generator is not part of Mabox proves all. I should have been more logical.

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The menu is generated based on .desktop files in the system. They are located in the directories:
/usr/share/applications (system)
~/.local/share/applications/ (user) - check if you don’t have an additional .desktop file here.

This is actually an really old script from the times when jgmenu was not used in Mabox yet

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@zolw , @napcok , Thanks for your answers, I was checking and it is strange what happens because in the folder /usr/share/applications I have a folder “applications”

but in ~/.local/share/applications/ there is no such folder. the image that shows the icons shows that I have a single leafpad but as 3 file managers.

And this is my menu.xml of openbox

?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<openbox_menu xmlns=""
    <menu id="root-menu" label="obmenu-generator" execute="/usr/bin/obmenu-generator" />

So, must I install obmenu-generator or no?

Mabox use jgmenu instead native openbox menu. So no, you don’t need obmenu-generator.
However this is your system and you are free to configure / break it as you like :slight_smile:

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Not being an advanced user, some things I prefer not to modify until I learn how it works.
Each topic opens many others to get to understand the subject, so it is a long way for me that besides I am alone in this learning about Linux and with very limited time.
Without rushing I will get to understand and apply much of what I am learning. In fact I am not the same person that a couple of years ago did not dare to turn on the pc, using the terminal was a challenge for me, but well, I have learned not to be afraid and to treat my Mabox with respect. Thank you very much

Translated with (free version)

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