Modifying key bindings

Hi all!

I’m a great fan of key bindings, and I love most of the predefined key bindings that come within MaboxLinux. I agree with most of them, but a few conflict with my old workflow.

I can change them with obkey, but will the cheatsheets in menu and other places be updated? I hope they are not hardcoded!

Also, it would be nice to be able to backup my customized key bindings, and after a system update, to be also able to merge them with the official update.

Hello @lobaluna,
System update will never touch/change user’s config files. So your custom key bindings are safe in ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml. No matter how you edit it - with text editor or with the help of GUI (obkey, lxkey).

Unfortunately ‘cheatsheets in menu’ are currently hardcoded. I will try to make them editable.

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To be fair, that little thing is what preserves Mabox Linux to be a perfect distro. It has all Manjaro usefulness and also it has Openbox, which relies a lot on key bindings to do almost anything. I really love Mabox distro.

Thanks, napcok and others who really make a difference!


Most of keybindings are shown in Command Palette super + F1

Recently i updated it to allow customization. Just search for Edit this menu entry, you can edit menu in Geany.
Custom menu is saved in ~/.config/mabox/mbhelper.csv


THANK YOU, napcok!

I have tested Mabox for almost two months. I’m very pleased with it.
I’m moving into it with my production machine.
I’m thrilled! This distro is really BIG.

I have talked about it in Manjaro Spanish Telegram chat. I hope Mabox becomes very successful.