Menu icons (jgmenu)

When I start the system the icons of the menu appear after cca 1sec. So I click on the menu button, I see the menu text, but no icons, after 1 sec all the icons visible. It doesn’t matter which kind of icons I use. Square or circle.

Is there any solution to put the icons into the buffer or something?

Thx :slight_smile:

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Hi @horvjoe and welcome to the forum,

I think icons are cached in ~/.cache/jgmenu/icons
So next time you run menu they load faster.

Thy for your answer. Every time, when I restart the system I have this “problem”. Today I will check the cache dir.


I took a closer look… and the cache is cleared after each restart.

Unfortunately, it is also overwritten after calling other “menus” that use icons. In Mabox we have 3 such menus:

  • main menu super
  • Logout dialog super + x
  • Right sidepanel Ctrl + super + Right

I wonder if there is a workaround that can be implemented… :thinking:

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I have tried many linux systems, and Mabox so nice, and nit, fast. So I can live with this “problem”, but if You have a good solution or set it up in the next version it would be fine.

Thy :slight_smile:

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Already testing a fix for this,
Hopefully, it will be fixed with mb-jgtools package update very soon :wink:

Thanks for reporting this issue.

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Fixed - I think - with mb-jgtools-20240227 update.
Please update system:


and let me know.

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I have updated my system. Works like charm. Very good. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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