Menu closes after selecting another subcategory

Hi using this distro for the first time, lovely work !
Strange bug? while opening the menu after trying to select other subcategory the menu just disappears. No error menu it just closes.

Any idea what causes this and how to fix,

Is this about main menu - the one invoked by super+space/ right click on desktop or from panel icon?

I can’t reproduce this.

Keys for jgmenu:
Up, Down - Select previous/next item
Left. Right - Move to parent/sub menu
PgUp, PgDn - Scroll up/down
Home, End - Select first/last item
Enter - Select an item or open a submenu
F5 - Restart
F8 - Print node tree to stderr
F9 - exit(1)
F10 - exit(0)
Backspace - Return to parent menu

Hello,same occurs with super+space (try #3) see video

Thanks for the reply !

@shaul1731 This is really strange, I’ve never seen something like that with jgmenu.
I checked on my machines, but can not reproduce that.
Unfortunately, I have no idea how to help you :frowning:

@mijan do you have the same issue?

@shaul1731 Can you try to run menu from terminal?


Maybe this way we can see some errors…

Hi there! 5 months late, but decided to give this amazing distro another go, and still same problem?

here is output from jgmenu:
warning: XSupportsLocale(): error setting locale
warning: XSetLocaleModifiers(): error setting locale
warning: environment variable (TINT2_BUTTON_ALIGNED_X1) not set
warning: cannot align based on environment variables
info: the icon theme and/or size has changed
info: created 9 symlinks in ~/.cache/jgmenu/icons/
info: created 47 symlinks in ~/.cache/jgmenu/icons/
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I tried hard but never managed to reproduce this bug…
I have no idea why you are experiencing this error.

Again, thanks for amazing work. No expert here what so ever but like error stated it has to with the locale setting because after changing to en_US locale now it’s ok…

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I’m glad you managed to solve the problem :smiley: