Mbxcolors - pick, paste and organize colors (palettes)

mbxcolors is a menu to pick, paste and organize colors (palettes).

Click color to paste it’s code in place of cursor.


  • pick color from screen (color preview is available in bottom left corner of screen)
  • 2 actions
    – paste - (default) type color code in place of cursor
    – copy - copy color code to clipboard
  • 3 formats: hexadecimal (default), RGB and RGBa
  • create color palettes from picked colors
  • 2 example palettes available by default
  • HTML colors
  • type to search - usefull for searching HTML colors by name

Installation (from Mabox repo)

yay -S mbxcolors

This utility is intended to run from keyboard shortcut or panel button.
Configure keyboard shortcut by using obkey or editing ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml

Here we configure super + c to run mbxcolors and change Compton toggle to super + p . It will be configured like that in upcoming Mabox ISO release.

<keybind key="W-c">
      <action name="Execute">
<keybind key="W-p">
      <action name="Execute">

(optional) Add button to tint2 panel:

More screenshots:

This utility is not Openbox nor Mabox specific, so you can install and test it in any Arch based distro and X11 based WM or DE. I tested it briefly with XFCE and LXDE.
Package is currently available in Mabox repo

This is early version and any feedback welcome :slight_smile:

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