Mbxcolors (ColorMenu) 0.3.1

mbxcolors (Colormenu) - is a small utility to pick, paste and manage color palettes.
It may be useful for artist, webdevelopers or users who want to rice desktop ( or just for me :joy: )

Latest version brings autogeneration of color palette based on currently used wallpaper.
And also some other improvemens.

If you like to try it - it is binded to super + c

Wallpaper must be saved, so if you play with Nitrogen (basic wallpaper setter) don’t forget to click Apply :wink:


Great tool, used it just today for config and found that it’s kinda buggy. Sometimes menu flickers after I pick the color and it want’s me to pick some color again.

Have been experimenting with it for a while and can’t see patterns for this behavior when picking color via mouse, but it happens. And it’s 100% that menu will flicker when using touchpad, unless after you pick the color hold-on the touchpad and move mouse cursor somewhere and then release finger.

Just guessing, but seems like something to do with menu selecting first option right after “the pick action”

P.S. That QUIT option makes me giggle.


Yes, I absolutely agree with @Ladas552 impression about that buggy state while you are picking a color and it wants one to pick another second color. It’s also difficult to reach the settings mbxcolors windows to retake a new action to apply from the menu. Weird behaviour while you try using it.

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@Ladas552 @ben_chile
What do you mean by “menu flickers”?
After you pick a color from screen or add color from selector - menu is reloaded - seems like it is only logical action - to show added colors and give user opportunity to “copy to clipboard color code” or “paste it immadietely” (depending of currently configured action).

or I missing something?

I know this tool is not very user friendly and it works in an unusual way - maybe I should not make it public, but it makes my work on Mabox theming much easier - so I publish it hoping that maybe it will be usefull for someone :slight_smile:

I have this type of flickering after you pick 2 or three colors , you can have the settings window fixed, the picker also starts blinking like as this gif video shows at the very end:
Peek 22-04-2022 23-39

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Mbxcolors is great tool. Imo, more distros should have tools like that from fresh install.
It is also very useful for enthusiasts who are using Mabox. So thank you for making it public, but it still have a long way to be 100% usable, and I hope you will continue its development so more users will appreciate your great work.
So, anyway here is demonstration of a bug. Red is when not holding button, Blue is when clicking or holding.

@ben_chile @Ladas552
I don’t see any real bugs here…
Already picked colors are not added again - as it make no sense to have one color mamy times in palette.
Seems like both of you are trying to add the same color again and again.
@ben_chile - dark one (also looks like you using not the latest version anyway)
@Ladas552 - red one, and you are using some kind of software to mark area below mouse - this makes color picker unusable - always picking red.

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