Mb-scrot -s issue (Solved)


When I use mb-scrot -s (capture screen selection) when I drag the cursor to broaden the part I want to have in the screenshot it draws a bunch of boxes after and over each other and leaves it on the screen. I can only remove them by going to the lockscreen and returning from that.

Included a small sample

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Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:
Can you check if this also happens when you use: mb-jgtools screenshot ( PrintScreen key )?

Should be fixed now with mabox-tools-20200923-2 update.
Can you confirm it is fixed?
I can’t reproduce this bug in my PC.

I know for a fact that the mb-jgtools and choosing selection doen not have the same affect.
I will upgrade the tools and test, one moment please :slight_smile:

Upgraded and tested, works like a charm, thanks!