Mb-jgtools: mblogout code error

Hi @napcok ,

I was checking my logout menu. It’s a little slow with appearing.

And I came across the following error.
It affects the time of appearance a wee bit.

This is prob. not my main issue, but it helps a wee bit commenting out ‘continue’.

bash : ERROR

line 836: continue: has meaning only in a 'for', 'while' or 'until' loop


mblogout() {
if [[ -n "$1" ]]
            # continue


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continue doesn’t really make sense here… I think my cat wrote it there :wink:

The logout dialog is slow due to the screenshot being generated every time. I thought it was cool when I wrote it, but maybe it would be better to change it to your current wallpaper or some other graphic?

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The screenshot of the current desktop has been replaced with a thumbnail of the currently used wallpaper.
The logout dialog should now appear noticeably faster, especially on low-end hardware.

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It is cool indeed.
Kill your darlings we called that in theater. Speed is nice at this point.


I would prefer a screenshot. I have a bad wallpaper and when logging off it looks uninteresting. How can I change it somewhere on my own?

You can download the previous version of the script…

cd ~/bin/
wget https://git.maboxlinux.org/Mabox/mb-jgtools/raw/commit/2629e61d2146a4d066c45c120ea9cd17132a280d/bin/mb-jgtools
chmod +x mb-jgtools

Thank you beautifully.

Hi @napcok ,

A small thingie about mb-jgtools screenshot module.

The original ( mb-jgtools Screenshot ) has quit a delay before showing the screenshot menu.
I changed it for myself like you did with the Exit module.

I guess the delay has to do because i use two monitors.

Delay slow …


Without Delay, quick …


Just let you know.