Manual on mabox's take on bash

Hey guys,

first of all, Great distro. I think it’s the best implementation of openbox i know off. I love all the tiny scripts en improvements you implement. And the sane defaults.

I have one suggestion though. For the less technically advanced users (as myself) a introduction-page to your take on bash (maybe on the section for terminator) would be a great addition. I’m not afraid of the command-line, but as i read through your .bashrc file, I have the feeling I’m not using the full potential. Some guidance would be welcome. I know linux is all about learning and reading, but still, a summary of where to look for is kinda nice.
thx a lot

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Hey @nostro, welcome to the forum,
Good point, I will try to write something about modern cli tools in Mabox soon :wink:

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Thx, also maybe some reasoning why bash and not zsh or fish or …

on a sidenote, i saw some “mistakes” in the tutorials (mostly historical keybindings). Can I help correct them?


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Bash is the standard shell on most distributions. And I think that’s the way it should be, and everyone should start their Cli adventure with getting to know bash well. Working as sysadmin, I deal with hundreds of servers, most of which have the default bash shell. I like bash and I feel great working in it.
Personally, I think I would hurt myself to get used to working in a different shell.
This is the reason why Bash is default shell in Mabox :wink:

But any intermediate user can easily switch bash to a different shell - I think it should be a conscious choice, not an imposed one.

About wrong keybindings in tutorials, can you PM me here on the forum and point to mistakes?
I’m working on new improved User Guide but still need a lot of spare time to finish and publish it.