Major Issue - Not Detect Devices & Issue on Video

Hi Mabox team,

The issue happens after updating the system. It has been a week it always happen. I would like to address it at here.

When I turn on my laptop, it does not detect my mouse and LAN (lan cable was connected to usb).
It only detect my wifi and have internet but cannot use mouse.
I have found out that after restart, LAN dan mouse works well.

So when I turn on my laptop, i need to restart again in order for mouse and LAN working.
Please can you help to resolve this issue.

2nd issue- This issue always happen since updating the system to 21.11 beta. I use 2nd monitor to watch video and browsing. When I click on full screen, the browser can show it fine, but when i minimize the video, the web browser will move to primary monitor. So, every time this happens, I need to drag back the web browser to 2nd monitor.

I did not know why this happen. I already restart mint2 and use other browsers and this issue still happens.

Please help on how to fix this, thank you in advance.

Hi @akwin,

1st issue - not detected USB Devices - looks like kernel issue and should be hopefully fixed for you with next update.
Have a look at:


No idea about 2nd issue as I have one monitor setup.
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Today I encountered this problem on my brother’s PC. Manjaro KDE (Plasma) + LTS kernel 5.4 … neither the USB mouse nor the USB keyboard worked after the last stable update.
Fixed with manjaro-chroot, changing branch to testing, and updating.

Thanks, will wait for the update.