Hello Community.
Do you have a way to keep your Mabox installation clean? Have you automated the cleaning? I don’t want to resort to Bleachbit, I would like to perform System maintenance by Console.
Thank you in advance for your answers.

Avoid installing random software and uninstall them.
You get Orphands. Read about orphans , Arch wiki pacman & yay.

The only maintenance is yay -Syu mainly, for me…
And making backups of my config files.

To go deeper into the subject i would suggest Endeavouros forum.
Mabox,arch, etc all the same maintenance.
There are already topics about it, possibly. [search]



I only install what I use: LibreOffice, Gimp, Inkscape and Telegram, what makes me orphans are the updates. I’m going to enter the forum you recommended. I understand that the use of Linux generates files such as logs that must be deleted periodically, the same as cleaning the system and fonts cache, etc…
Thanks for your recommendations.

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one more direction to look at …

Read/search also about pacman cache, paccache.


You might also like localepurge

yay -Ss localepurge
aur/localepurge (+263 0.07) 
    Script to remove disk space wasted for unneeded localizations.
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I did it and I use it. Thanks :+1:

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Thanks @damitdan I’try this.:+1: