Mabox old school wallpapers and minimalism

Hi guys,
I was creating some wallpapers in my freetime :upside_down_face:, so here it was some geeky one


and one whit the label

here it is

Some inner components finals:

And one for old days of #! in that kind of syle :alien:

here are all original sizes >

Please let me know here what you think about them ?

If you like this kind of styles I will make some for every weekend
I have many more ideas :ok_man:


Very nice, I like them :smiley:

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Some others in minimalistic category
The idea was to complete your own mabox themes as you can see there color palettes

P.s. and yes, also please feel free to use and modify them in way you want or wish :slight_smile: :grin:


Some final minimal designs mustard and classic retro for Mabox themes:


Made some corrections to previous neon theme :

Yin and Yang ideas or back and white :yin_yang:

japanese kanji translation;
first line > Ma [間] (lit., “gap”, “space”, “pause”) [箱] (hako) Box
second line > [リナックス ] (Rinakkusu) Linux

This all for this week :wink: Please let me know if you like, don’t like or you have some other ideas or suggestions.

p.s I don’t know japanese language ,it was only google searching :rofl:


Something not seen in other distros (as in my opinion ‘‘cool’’ )
Yes I realy realy like Chicago 95 Theme, but no realy I think I’m done

special thanks to creator> Stefanie Koerner [pheist] of the font > Fipps

This one was made first in terminal than in Krtita (I know who is crazy to draw in terminal) but I think it’s kinda unique *plase click on the wallpaper to see details.

p.s. Couldn’t wait for weekend , I had extra time these couple of nights and if I’m helping in this way @napcok Mabox documentation than I’m happy :grin:

Since some photos don’t load in correct size ,please go to download>

Sorry guys, I just saw that the yin yang :yin_yang: wallpapers are small size
Here are the better quality links>

Have a great night ! :ghost:


Hello friends, as I made a promise :wink:
Tonight I have crunch bang nostalgia for you:

Everybody has grovebox,so are we:

Here are the originals for download *plase go there for better quality 4K ecc:

Tomorrow I will have for you some other styles :sunglasses:


i like the ‘grove’ ones.


Thanks for the comment :grin:
Some weeks ago I found and took inspiration from Reddit this guy who made all the “gruvebox” style wallpapers for every Os
Check in his comments

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Some minimal’s for you guys:

Really love this one :green_heart:

Yeah I love green color :star_struck:

Some creative ones:

Some black and green>

Here are the links to download better quality>

Tomorrow I will finish some simple ones with free 3d images (with no copyright ) that I’m olterating ,but they will be interesting I promise :upside_down_face:


Perfect: I’am find the good wallpaper for my laptop #2, thank you @Aleksandar_tattoo

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Hi friends,me again!
Thanks a lot @Guillaume if you need something specific (altering what I have already here) please feel free to ask ,the same is for all other you guys , I will be more than happy to make some of your ideas :blush:

Something different tonight >

Yes we need to say ,since we are here for that

Simple ones with free 3d images that I oltered for you>

This last ones are ideas for some new more complex project that I can take, if you like them :star_struck:

Here a re the originals in download for perfect quality>

Have a great wallpaper, for this amazing Distro, he deserves it!

p.s. Yeah, message me in private for any of your ideas, I’m kinda used them all :sweat_smile:


:ok_hand: Yes, I like this new serie of wallpaper, is cool to see a new wallpaper specially created for Mabox


Some #! For you :sunglasses:

Here is the full quality download >


I love a lot ! @Aleksandar_tattoo

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Thank you for your comments :blush:
If you got any ideas or suggestions on another wallpaper, please feel free to text me :star_struck:

The green Manjaro miss in this Wallpaper!

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I Had some little free time this weekend :sunglasses:
Some Manjaro inspired wallpapers for you @Guillaume and other guys>

here are the originals for download>

Hope that I hit the vibe :wink:


:star_struck: Thank you very much, @Aleksandar_tattoo

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