Mabox Linux 22.12 Istredd released

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! :heart:


Thank you for your excellent work, your good wishes and your Christmas tree gift !
Happy Holidays!

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I updated to 22.12 lstredd several days ago and everything seems fine except the right click on Conky. That one is not working yet. :thinking:

Not all new functionalities in Mabox can be automatically delivered to users of an earlier version by a simple package update. Some require changes to user-level configuration files.

That’s why the mb-reset helper was created.
try it.
In the case of Conky context menus - appropriate changes must be made to the OpenBox configuration file.
The following command will allow you to compare your contents of this file with the new one released with Istredd. And you can apply individual changes if you like them - or not :slight_smile:

mb-reset -c obrcxml

Uses meld - graphical diff

In case of Conky context menus look for: contextmenu (right-click) and cmdmenu (left-click action)

To apply changes log out and log in.
Or ask Openbox to re-read its config file:

openbox --reconfigure

Thank you.

Already reconfigured the rc.xml file. It’s working now :+1: