Mabox Linux 22.01 – 2022 January ISO refresh

Hello :slight_smile:
The first 2022 ISO refresh is ready for download. Built from Manjaro stable branch as of 22.01.02.
Available with 5.4 or 5.10 LTS kernels.

from sourceforge mirrors
or from Mabox repo

Enjoy and happy New Year!


Congratulations! Thank you for your hard work.

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Thanks @ninja,
I’m just building another refreshed ISO images right now :wink:

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Installation was successful. This is the first time I tried manual partition.
Previously I had an issue with booting speed. After came across an article talking about β€œDon’t LUKS /boot”, I gave a shot. Boot time changed from >45 sec to <5 sec.

I am very happy with this result.

I am waiting for Ansible run to finish. Then, I will test out apps I installed.

the link to the article is

May you provide a link to an article? I can’t find it by googling.