Mabox Linux 20.09 – September ISO refresh

September refreshed ISO images are ready to download. A little bit more info here.


do the changes in this ISO (like the Mate power manager)apply automatically with Pamac updates,or do i have to run mb-reset or something?
i haven’t had the opportunity to go through the new Manual yet.

Hi @eman
Please look here…

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[quote="[Stable Update] 2021-09-04 - Kernels, Wine, Deepin, KDE Gear, Maui-Kit, Plasma, post:3, topic:606"]
yay -R xfce4-power-manager

Hi, the remove line imho should read: yay -Rcsn xfce4-power-manager, without the csn the remove command will complain about breaking dependencies.



Thanks, post updated.
Looks like:

yay -Rc xfce4-power-manager

is enough :slight_smile:

it might be on my side,but i just installed the new ISO and noticed that in the menus,in the area where you can type to search,it is static;
i recall there being a blinking line which was useful to give an indication that i can type etc.

I can search. I installed a fresh 21.09 ISO. I don’t recall if there was a blinking cursor, but when I start typing, it works. Just to confirm to you.

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Nothing has changed. The search works the same as before.

i might have been imagining things .

i have another question if i may;
in the Mabox control-center/select items to auto-start, i have 2 ‘update notifier’ check-boxes.
which one should i remove if i don’t want Pamac to check for updates after booting up the machine,but every 6 hours,like it’s by default?

Hi @eman,
Thanks for pointing me to this doubled Update notifier thing. It is fixed now with mabox-tools-20210917 :slight_smile:
AFAIK update notifier is just system tray applet to inform you about available updates, it does not affect checking for updates by Pamac service. Pamac uses systemd timer to periodically check for updates, mayby it just happend to run it right after boot for you.

Personally, I don’t use this applet at all, I have a strong habit of typing frequently …


which effectively checks all available updates - those from repositories and also from AUR.


for some reason every time i log in,i can see some intense network activity through the blinking light of the router and then i get an update notification.
in my regular Manjaro install, it usually waits 6 hours and rarely less,but not immediately after login.
so i guess I’ll disable this applet.

Thats strange…
You may check system logs

cat /var/log/pacman.log

Or install nethogs and see which process cause the traffic.

yay -S nethogs

Run it as root from terminal while this happend.

sudo su -