Mabox ISO Refresh 10.02.2021

New ISO with all updates from Manjaro stable branch is available - this is also probably last release candidate before final Mabox 21.02 Foltest.
Download links:
Mabox on


I just uploaded new ISO with 5.10 LTS kernel. Everything works fine in my tests.
Filename: mabox-linux-21.02-rc4-Foltest-210212-linux510.iso


LTS kernel 5.10 will come automatically in time to ealier installed iso 's?
If one installs the 21.02-rc4 over a ealier installed iso are settings made save?
regards, Luc

No, kernel 5.4 will not be updated to 5.10 automatically. It will be updated to next 5.4 release until Dec 2025 probably. More info: Long term release kernels projected EOL

But you can install 5.10 alongside 5.4 very easily (or any other kernel “line” available in Manjaro).
See: Rolling-release, kernels and stability | MaboxLinux

Not sure if I understand well what you mean, but no - ISO is only for fresh installation.

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you did understand me good as I read in the last sentence :slight_smile:

I will install 5.10 as second kernel.

regards, Luc

Done :

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