Mabox in VirtualBox browser crashes

Hi, I’m new to Mabox so trying it out in VirtualBox where it has 4GB RAM, 4xCPUs and using VMSVGA with 3D Support. Running kernel 5.15 as a test because I may install on bare metal that does not like 5.4 kernel much.
The only issue is with Firefox 103.0.2 that crashes frequently for example on YouTube. Chromium tabs also quite often crash (version 104).
Is this known?

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Hello, maybe those browser have not enough RAM.
Did you try making a swap partition during instalation process?

Hello, I accepted the defaults which I guess means no swap partition.

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I have never experienced such problems and I test Mabox in Virtualbox every few days.
I always use VBoxSVGA, with 3D acceleration disabled, without any SWAP.

OK thanks, I can try with 3D disabled