Mabox 20.08 Dijkstra released | MaboxLinux

Enjoy & stay safe :slight_smile:


Cant wait… Thanks napcock :slight_smile:

What Manjaro base is the new image using?


Hey there,
I guess this might be Manjaro Mikha RC 4 for stable branch because of the linux kernel 57… but I am not sure. Best wishes from Chile, stay home and keep safe

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Yes, it is always built from stable branch, built on 17 August 2020.

Spanish approach gets improving better every day… just have a look:

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@ben_chile I’m playing with your Spanish translations - they will be included in next ISO update.
You already translated around 98% I think - thats awesome :slight_smile:

Can you also look at Logout Dialog super+x ?

File location is: ~/.config/mabox/exit.csv

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Definitely I can, I will send you a Spanish draft in some minutes.
Thanks for including Spanish in your next ISO of this amazing Maboxlinux distro.

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Changed into Dark theme and also chose arc icons… all icons in panels notification dialox box, even apps got set fine, excepting…the icons in the menu ( I still see them set as numix, or circle numix… How could I fix this or where, what file could I tweak please ?

Hi @ben_chile,
Unfortunately there is no one global settings for icons in Mabox. Filemanager, tint2 panels and menus (jgmenu) - all have its own settings for icons.

To change menu icons, please look at screenshot:

Not all icons play well there. I usually use:

Thanks for this tip…you are right.other icons set may not play well…meaning there might be missing menu icons…and you made a very smart choice with numix for this set is fully covering many menu options that are missing in other icons sets (Arc, Maia…)
I think I will leave numix as default menu icons set for a while… hahahaha

Thanks again for soon reply…I understood quite well how to change menu icons from your pic

Btw I sent you 3 missing files translated into Spanish, sorry I had skipped translating them or were unnoticed in my translation…they belong to left & right side panels sections

Z powaĹĽaniem

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Dummy output solution, on Kernel 5.7? On LTS Kernel 5.4 work fine, pulseaudio.

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Thanks @petarserbia… well eventually after rebooting my mabox sys audio output worked out good again and I keep running kernel 5.8 so far

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Yes, but on kernel 5.8 my virtualbox not work so good. Win XP is a guest, Mabox host. All working good only on kernel 5.4.