Lxterminal Text Colors

I may have missed the solution to this somewhere but, here goes. I use lxterminal and even though I have the text colors set in preferences it still exhibits the Mabox settings for text colors. What do I need to do to get it to use my settings? See my screenshot. Many thanks!

Hello @shortarcflyer , and welcome to the forum,

Mabox uses themes.sh script to provide around 300 themes for terminals

Try it and you will probably find theme which suits your needs :slight_smile:
Just type:


to select terminal theme interactively.
Terminator - terminal emulator - Mabox Linux Manual

If you really want to disable those themes just remove file ~/.theme_history

rm ~/.theme_history

I tried the above. It will set the theme but not the text color I want. I am using lxterminal and not terminator.

Terminal background and typed text colors should work after removing .theme_history file.
Doesn’t matter which terminal you use: lxterminal or terminator.

If you like to change bash prompt colors (PS1) then edit .bashrc to your needs.


Start by removing this section:

# Set colorful PS1 only on colorful terminals.
# dircolors --print-database uses its own built-in database
# instead of using /etc/DIR_COLORS.  Try to use the external file
# first to take advantage of user additions.  Use internal bash
# globbing instead of external grep binary.
safe_term=${TERM//[^[:alnum:]]/?}   # sanitize TERM
[[ -f ~/.dir_colors   ]] && match_lhs="${match_lhs}$(<~/.dir_colors)"
[[ -f /etc/DIR_COLORS ]] && match_lhs="${match_lhs}$(</etc/DIR_COLORS)"
[[ -z ${match_lhs}    ]] \
	&& type -P dircolors >/dev/null \
	&& match_lhs=$(dircolors --print-database)
[[ $'\n'${match_lhs} == *$'\n'"TERM "${safe_term}* ]] && use_color=true

if ${use_color} ; then
	# Enable colors for ls, etc.  Prefer ~/.dir_colors #64489
	if type -P dircolors >/dev/null ; then
		if [[ -f ~/.dir_colors ]] ; then
			eval $(dircolors -b ~/.dir_colors)
		elif [[ -f /etc/DIR_COLORS ]] ; then
			eval $(dircolors -b /etc/DIR_COLORS)

	if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
		PS1='\[\033[01;31m\][\h\[\033[01;36m\] \W\[\033[01;31m\]]\$\[\033[00m\] '
		PS1="\[$(tput bold)\]\[\033[38;5;2m\]\u\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;11m\]@\[$(tput sgr0)\]\[\033[38;5;6m\]\h\[$(tput sgr0)\] \[$(tput sgr0)\]\[$(tput bold)\]\[\033[38;5;11m\]\w\[$(tput sgr0)\] \[$(tput sgr0)\]\[$(tput bold)\]\[\033[38;5;13m\]\\$\[$(tput sgr0)\] \[$(tput sgr0)\]"

	alias ls='ls --color=auto'
	alias grep='grep --colour=auto'
	alias egrep='egrep --colour=auto'
	alias fgrep='fgrep --colour=auto'
	if [[ ${EUID} == 0 ]] ; then
		# show root@ when we don't have colors
		PS1='\u@\h \W \$ '
		PS1='\u@\h \w \$ '

unset use_color safe_term match_lhs sh