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Dobra robota bardzo mi sie podoba

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Hi @rpaloha welcome!

I have never used lvm with arch and did some investigation in the Internet. As Mabox is based upon Manjaro I searched for that and there are few answers on this question:

  1. Yes you can
  2. It’s a pain the *ss
  3. Only manually as I can see right now

Have a look at this YT item explaining Manjaro (non architect) on LVM.
Manjaro on LVM

There are also some discussions on the Manjaro forum:

Hope this helps you in the right direction.

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RebornOs have lvm chose on calamares
zaistalowalem normalnie zajeb… robota gratki

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Yes, that could be. I think it’s not implemented on Manjaro Calamares installer just yet? I believe (not sure) that mabox uses the same calamares installar as on Manjaro in terms of options. But I could be wrong!

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Hi done -))

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