List of special keys in your PC Keyboard or Laptop

The purpose of this thread is to create a list of special keys on our laptops or PC keyboards.
Then we can set some reasonable default values for the actions triggered by the keys in the next version of Mabox.
Please share the list of special keys that are present in your laptops or keyboards.

Actions binded to special keys in Mabox and other OpenBox distros

Special key Action Mabox Manjaro Openbox Bunsen Labs Proposal
XF86HomePage - - ?
XF86Mail - - ?
XF86AudioRaiseVolume pamixer -i 2 pamixer -i 2 ?
XF86AudioLowerVolume pamixer -d 2 pamixer -d 2 ?
XF86AudioMute pamixer -t pamixer -t ?
XF86AudioStop playerctl stop playerctl stop ?
XF86AudioPlay playerctl play-pause playerctl play-pause ?
XF86AudioPrev playerctl previous playerctl previous ?
XF86AudioNext playerctl next playerctl next ?
XF86MonBrightnessUp - xbacklight +10 ?
XF86MonBrightnessDown - xbacklight -10 ?
XF86TouchpadOn - - ? synclient TouchpadOff=0
XF86TouchpadOff - - ? synclient TouchpadOff=1

How to see special key code and name? (click to expand)

You can see keycode by running xev from terminal, then press special key.
Output should be like:

KeyPress event, serial 51, synthetic NO, window 0x3a00001,
    root 0x261, subw 0x0, time 13469338, (1109,-48), root:(1109,974),
    state 0x0, keycode 180 (keysym 0x1008ff18, XF86HomePage), same_screen YES,

Keycode is in third line. Here: (keysym 0x1008ff18, XF86HomePage)

On my PC keyboard I have those keys: *XF86HomePage* *XF86Mail* *XF86AudioPlay* *XF86AudioStop* *XF86AudioPrev* *XF86AudioNext* *XF86AudioLowerVolume* *XF86AudioRaiseVolume* *XF86AudioMute*

Please share your list :slight_smile: