List of small things to fix / implement before Istredd release

Not all are really small, but compared to Colorizer … :crazy_face:

Mabox Control Center should be exposed in panel (add launcher)


Some users complain about too many menus and options, and how hard to find them.

I don’t fully agree, as we have Settings menu super+s hooked also into Main menu.
Also Command Palette super + F1 offers a way to find anything.
Having the MCC on panel seems like a good idea though - of course it will be as easy to remove as any launcher


  • create better icon for MCC
  • add a first tab with basic info
  • check all others tabs

Automatic generation of themes by Colorizer SHOULD or NOT be enabled by default?


Changing the color of the menu, Conky and Openbox window decorations is unusual, so it is better if the user can enable it on purpose

Picom config handling is a mess (partialy working) - frx/rewrite it


maybe it should be added to colorizer (???)

Review of all Mabox tools we have (fix/modernize or drop)

New graphics for installer, grub etc


I will probably skip this one again, gimping is very time consuming for me.
Old XCF is here

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