List of minor issues!

List of minor issues, bugs, annoyances & inconveniences that I’ve experienced in a few months:

  • Delay for jgmenu, including start menu, on HDD. preload does not help.
  • Bluetooth GUI is slow to open and often takes several attempts to connect
  • Closing lid turns off wifi - but doesn’t turn on again when opened like when suspended
  • CPU/memory/disk/network boxes in tint2 appear in between other tray icons
  • tint2 sometimes dies randomly or doesn’t start, as noted in other threads
  • Microphone has stopped working a few (critical) times, unsure if a Mabox issue
  • Can’t alt-tab between fullscreen and windowed window - alt-tabs fine to windowed, then second alt-tab focuses the next windowed window not the fullscreen one
  • skippy-xd not showing thumbnails of minimised windows
  • Volume icon sometimes shows wrong volume/mute status with bluetooth headphones
  • LUKS, default keyboard is USA regardless of one used during install. Only one password attempt is allowed by default
  • No simple option for swap partition or swap file in installer
  • Bit confusing with all of the different places to modify default apps
  • Unable to uninstall Steam games without big picture mode
  • Reliance on default middle-click actions - could be a problem for some?
  • Frozen fullscreen app can make desktop unusable unless you can move the app to another desktop with the keyboard

Will add more as I encounter them!

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Re: LUKS default keyboard. There was a similar case here:
systemd-boot helped a lot.
(Se avete l’energia necessaria, provate con il Boron di Bunsenlabs)

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