Left menu with problem in width sizing for an item

Hi, everybody

I can open most Left Menu items with no problem, but in particular, the Desktop Session Manager, which is a GREAT tool that I’m learning to incorporate it in my workflow, do not open full width, as the other items in Left Menu.

Where can I check the settings for this item?


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First, I’m happy seeing that somebody use this tool :slight_smile:

Looks like you created some session files with some special chars in the name. Try to use only letters here (without spaces). Go to ~/.config/deskmanager and rename sessionfiles.


It is such a great tool! Specially to me that I do many different tasks with my laptop. Sometimes I do make epubs, sometimes I write translate/review tech documentation, etc.

As with many tools in Mabox they are under the radar for many users…

And yeah! You are right! No more spaces in desktops session names.

Thanks for all! I really hope many more know about your distro. It is such a good and well thought big tool for everyday work!