Kernel 5.15 issues

I thought I would try the latest kernel 5.15 and installed it through manjaro settings manager.
I had several sudden and unexpected crashes ( after a couple of hours use). It seems this is not an isolated case and saw a post on the Manjaro forum which seemed to confirm this.

I reverted to 5.14 and all is fine :+1:. I will wait for developments.

Ref: I run Intel Core i5 with integrated graphics so no Nvidia problems are involved

5.15 is important as it is/will be new LTS (Long Term Support) release with planned end of life in October 2023.
Next Mabox ISO update will be released with 5.4 kernel and probably with 5.15 (instead of 5.10).
Currently we have versions:
5.15.2 in Stable branch
5.15.5 in Testing
5.15.6 in Unstable

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I realise thee importance of 5.15 which is why I tested it but, unfortunately for me, I (and others apparently) had some problems which will hopefully disappear as the kernel matures.

I see that lists kernel 5.15.6 as the latest release so perhaps some of those glitches that I experienced with 15.5.2 have been addressed. :pleading_face:

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