Jumping arround from filemanager to whatever

i’m new to mabox linux forum, and i like it so much i installed it right away on the fixed pc, but i have a question about short cuts keys.
i love something like this nothing is faster than short cuts.
but i don’t find something a particular short key cut in mabox, and it’s simple, suppose you open filemanger and for example vlc, how the hell do you switch from vlc to filemanger without the mouse and vice versa! I know and the next question is, how do you open the menu in vlc, because this is not reflected in the data of vlc either

have tested the tilling but i can not switch automatic from filemanager to ect vlc and use it , what are the short cut keys to jump , the tilling works fantasico but how about switching between them

Hi @darkarch,

You can switch between Windows with Alt + Tab.

For VLC:
Alt + m is binded by openbox to Move action.
So you can go to menu by any other shortcut for example: Alt + l to go to Playback menu, and then move around by Arrows.

thank you for the fast reply.
i have try the alt + tab key between 2 other programs that is working perfect thanks for that napcok

however , i have tested vlc , but this is not what i need , i need to go in the menu’s of vlc with short cuts , that i dont find in vlc help menu , for example open vlc and than jump in to the menu , like i can do in pcman file manager that is working al perfect. :heart_eyes: