Jgmenu icons

Hello Mabox users !
How can i change the icon theme used in Jgmenu ?
I lookdes in $HOME/.config/jgmenu/prepend.csv but it does not seems to have the possibility of defining icon theme…
I changed icon theme in Openbox Settings and also in tintrc but Jgmenu still resists :wink:

Hi @Fall66,
Tak a look at file: $HOME/.config/mabox/mabox.conf and line with jgmenu_icon_theme=


You can try to change there.

Second way:
You can also run settings menu W-s -> Menu / Sidapanels … and there you can select Square or Circle icon, or disable icons at all.

There are only two options, simply because I did not found any more really complete icon sets.


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Thanks ! It works. I changed for the circle ones.