Jgmenu based tools in Mabox

A simple, independent, contemporary-looking X11 menu, designed for scripting, ricing and tweaking.

Jgmenu is amazing piece of software, and Mabox 20.02 uses it in many places.

Main menu

In Mabox 20.02 Jgmenu replaced openbox menu, so we have now type-to-search functionality.
Menu can be accessed from panel icon, right click on desktop or super + space shortcut ( super key alone also works).


Menu can be customised by editing $HOME/.config/jgmenu/prepend.csv

Thera are also two sidepanels - both can be customized.

Left sidepanel “Places” (ctrl + tab)

  • very fast directory browsing
  • GTK Bookmarks
  • VirtualBox Machines

Right sidepanel “Settings & Help” (super + tab)

  • access to variuos settings
  • links to online documentation
  • exit options

Screenshot tool (printscreen)

Screenshot tool uses jgmenu + scrot. It allows you to take screenshots with or without delay.

Logout dialog (ctrl + x)

Easy to customize, just click Configure options edit/ or comment out items you don’t need.


Hello and thank you very much for this very good distro. I would like to edit main menu and i opened prepend.csv but I only get this :
@search,54,20,150,20,2,left,top,auto,#000000 0,Type to Search
. ~/.config/mabox/favorites.csv
I can’t see how delete apps in the menu with this. Is there another file, with all the menu, that i can change ?

Hello @Haerber,
Yes, the file is ~/.config/mabox/favorites.csv.

You might also like Mabox Control Center…

And if you need more info about editing Menus / Sidepanels:


Thank you for your help. I understood how to edit favorites, but in Mabox Control when i click on edit below apps I get a file with only this :
#Home Directory,^pipe(jgbrowser ~),user-home
There is no menu in this file that i can modify. Sorry I’m not a complete noob but not a developper either.

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What exactly you want to add/edit?
Applications part of menu is autogenerated from .desktop files available in the system.

Currently there is no easy way to remove bottom items of mainmenu - if this is what you want to do.

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