Installing xrpd for rdp access to MaBox Linux


Not sure if this topic has been aired yet ( I could not see it when searched at least ).

Is there a guide for installing xrdp the right way in Mabox so it can be accessed over rdp (as in Ubuntu) - or should we follow same guidelines as for Arch?
( Xrdp - ArchWiki ).

Br Memory

Hi @memory - and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve never used RDP, but I believe it should work as described in the Arch Wiki.

However, if you are not attached to Microsoft solutions, it may be a good idea to try RustDesk

It is available from the Mabox repo.

yay -S rustdesk-bin
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What a coincidence.

I need exactly this for a very specific scenario several days ago (must be from Windows and RDP only) and so far no luck. Installed the packages and stuff, RDP ask for Mabox user/pass but then you get the blue screen, some bogus error message and that’s it, no luck from that point on.

If someone knows a working solution it would be great.

Hello @napcok and thanks and thanks for your fast and informative response :slight_smile:

I tried to test just that - first from this site: but ran in to problems as there probably are some minor things to be avare of and fix (no ~/.xinitrc file f.ex.).

I will now test the other site describing the “hard way” to do things :slight_smile:

As first rule I will awoid anything Windows - but this had to be an exception :slight_smile:

Thanks again

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Dang! Success…;

@napcok and @M0nst3r

Short answer to the problem - in ~/.xinitrc: - in description - we are asked to set SESSION=${1:-xfce4-session}
Link: (the hard way):

here - since MaBox Linux is using openboxx as DE - I changed it to SESSION=${1:-openbox-session}

Voila: I have a nice setup where I even use BOTH my external screens :smiley:

Br Memory


Thank you, I was reading the same page but got stuck because there is no ~/.xinitrc file and the other one is in a very different path (and I don’t want to break my beloved Mabox).

So, you copy/pasted the example then? :thinking:


Essentially there was only making an empty .~/.xinitrc file and fill it with the content of the bash file given in the example from the author, and then to change the expression fro xfce4 to openbox.


Confirmed and working. :partying_face:

@memory’s suggestion fixed the blue screen after login in my case too.

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I wonder if Mabox should provide this file by default.
What do you think @memory @M0nst3r?

Well, RDP access is very specific.
If there is no risk of breaking or confusing the users then it would be nice to have the official file. :thinking:

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I checked a little more closely and it seems that no one will hurt, and maybe take away the headache of some of us :wink:
So I added ~/.xinitrc to ISO profile for future releases.

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