Installing HP DeskJet 4100 and Flatpak support in Pamac

TechGood morning from the south of Germany!

Yesterday I installed Mabox on my new laptop, I’m from Manjaro and I really liked the look of Mabox. Everything went smoothly until I went to install my printer. As already written, it is an HP DeskJet 4100 that is supposed to be connected to the laptop via WiFi. I installed CUPS and hplip, but the printer was not recognized by the HP GUI - the attempt to install the printer directly via CUPS on the browser interface also failed because no connection to the CUPS server could be established, even though the laptop was connected to the Internet the entire time.

My first question is: Does Mabox have a firewall installed and active by default? I can’t find a firewall when I search for it in settings. If so, how can I find it and, if necessary, switch it off briefly, since HP assumes that the printer’s connection to the network is failing due to an active firewall.

Today I just tried to install the printer again and am stuck at the same point.

In order to prevent such queries: Yes, I know the relevant article in the Manjaro Wiki (Printing - Manjaro) and have proceeded accordingly. Unfortunately that doesn’t solve my problem.

That’s why I’m now turning directly to this forum.

PS: Installing the drivers and integrating the printer was no problem under Manjaro, so there MUST be a specific Mabox problem.

About the computer: It is a Medion E16419 with the following data:
CPU: 13th Gen Intel i5-1335U (12) @ 4,600GH
GPU: Intel Raptor Lake-P (Iris Xe Graphics)

I’m also surprised that I can’t get access to the Flatpak repositories; the repos can’t be activated via the Pamac settings, nor via the console. Why is that? I openly admit that I trust Flatpak more than the AUR and I think it’s a shame that as a user I can’t decide for myself whether I use a Flatpak container solution or use the AUR repositories.

I would be very happy about support from the community!

Sunny greetings from rainy Stuttgart!


Hi @Ralfi1968 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

In Mabox, a packet filter (aka firewall) is not installed by default.

Support for exotic package formats - like snaps / flatpak is also not available by default. To enable it, follow documentation: Flatpak - Manjaro

As for printers, everything should work the same way as in Manjaro. Are you sure you have started the necessary services?

Greetings from south of Poland :smiley:

Hi @napcok , thanks a lot for this fast support! :slight_smile:

I have now got the printer installed with the help of a user in a German Linux forum. I would like to thank you for your support in activating Flatpak.

Have a nice weekend from the south of Germany, from Stuttgart!

Best regards

Concerning enabeling printing in manjaro or other arch based distributions these are the six steps. With fresh distribution install step one and two should be there.

  1. Avahi (optional)
    sudo systemctl enable--now avahi-daemon and sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon

  2. Install basic printing support
    sudo pacman -Syu -needed manjaro-printer (for manjaro repo)

  3. Enable and start the cups printer daemon
    sudo systemctl enable --now cups
    sudo systemctl start cups

  4. Printer GUI
    sudo pacman -Syu system-config-printer (for GTK environment from manjaro repo)

  5. Printer driver (optional - see final note)
    Install for your printer

  6. Network printing
    Select your printer in CUPS web on http://localhost:631

Step 6 has become more tricky with recent CUPS changes… There you have to add the printer IP that should actually be detected if avahi daemon is enabled.
Or run command lpadmin -p printername -E -v ipp://printerIP/ipp/print -m everywhere

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Thanks for your support, Goiny, I’ve already managed to install the printer thanks to a user in a german-speaking Linux forum. But again: Thank you for the friendly and quick support here in the forum!