Installing a new version of LibreOffice

Installation of the new version of LibreOffice (7.0.3-2) with language packs from AUR repositories:
yay libreoffice
The version (as far as I remember) 6.4.0 is installed from the official repositories by default.
After displaying the available version, select the appropriate packages, eg 1 2 63 121 - check carefully. And we approve.
The scary version conflicts message will appear “Do you want to delete? Yes.”
… and the result from the console

Build folder: /home/christophe/.cache/yay
==> Do you want to remove all other AUR packages from the cache? [Y / n] vol
removing packages from AUR from cache ...
==> Do you want to delete ALL untracked AUR files? [Y / n] vol
removing untracked files from AUR cache ...
Removing debtap-3.3.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
Removing debtap-3.3.1.tar.gz

… it takes a while but gets installed from these rebuilt packages.

This tip is completely pointless.
Why would anyone install LibreOffice from AUR?
Since in Manjaro, and thus in Mabox, the latest version of LO is always available as libreoffice-fresh package (7.0.3 at the moment).
Older one is is also available and it is called libreoffice-still - currently in 6.4.7 version.

Both versions can be easily found in the Pamac GUI.

Just install version which you want from official repository.


I’m sorry I haven’t looked at the official repositories recently. But in the .iso image there is this old version 6.4.70
Therefore, I have provided the installation method from AUR repositories.
But I am from AUR repositories already in early November. And it was in official repositories after mid-December. That’s why I give info about a different installation than the official repositories. It works identically in the system and is (in many cases) in a higher version.

That what you propose isn’t installation from AUR but from official repositories. Also in the ISO you have libreoffice-fresh – this is the newest stable version for LO, you need only update your system, and you will have 7.0.3 version. In the ISO you have older version because ISO was released before 7.x.x branch was added to repos.

From AUR you can only install dev version (now it’s 7.1.0) or some addons.

EDIT: Sorry, that’s my mistake – Mabox don’t offer LO by default (opposite to Manjaro installer). So if you want LO depending on version you should:

  • for older version libreoffice-still, currently 6.4.7, from official repositories you make:
yay libreoffice-still
  • if you want newest stable version, now 7.0.3, you install libreoffice-fresh, also from official repositories:
yay libreoffice-fresh
  • if you want unstable development version (now 7.1.0) you install libreoffice-dev-bin – this is the only version of LO available in AUR:
yay libreoffice-dev-bin
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It is worth checking on your computer if this or that is real.
For me, it installed everything with one command
yay libreoffice

EDIT: But if LibreOffice is in official repositories (and it was given by Admin in response to my first post) - it is pointless to install it from AUR repositories and describe this process.

Indeed, but even after that in your second post you wrote:

so I doubt if you know the difference between AUR and repositories :wink:

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