Install Script

I’ve been using Mabox for a few days and I’m very impressed.

Is there an “install script” so I can install your wonderful work (desktop) on other arch based systems? (similar to the “net install” that Bunsenlabs have)
I’d be happy to trial and help fine tune, even help to keep it up-to-date.

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Hi @Jimbo

There is no such script, and I have no plans to create one.
Mabox is based on Manjaro, provides some home-made tools and a lot of customized configuration files.
Theoretically, you could try to install something like Mabox on other Arch-based distro - but only if you are an advanced user - you know and understand what’s going on.
What could such an installation look like?

  1. Adding Mabox repository and installing all necessary packages (comparing package lists can help here).
  2. Copy the necessary configuration files to the user’s home directory (available in /etc/skel).

There are some Arch-based distros with customized Openbox, such like ArchLabs, ArcoLinux, ArchCraft(?) (if I remember correctly) and maybe others - maybe you can try them out.