Install popular apps - not all working

Hi @napcok ,

I am running Mabox fresh install from qemu. To check the dev of the original to compare with my own mabox tweaks.

So far a minor bug appears when using the menu entry Install popular apps.

The following apps do not install because of error : Stops at synchonizing databases

  • steam-manjaro (does not exist)
  • playonlinux
  • palemoon-bin (out of date 2023-12-24)

Just to let you know.



Hi @muzqs and thank you for letting me know,

I will take a look at this and fix :smiley:

Fixed now :slight_smile:


  • playonlinux


  • Palemoon
  • Steam

Internet - Rustdesk - The open source alternative to TeamViewer
Graphics - Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing
And two good open-source games:
0 A.D. - A free, open-source game of ancient warfare
Warzone 2100 - 3D real-time strategy game

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Nice list … Rustdesk is new to me. :white_check_mark: