In Sigil, Qt app does not follow C-S-U for unicode codepoints

Hi, everyone!

I have no problems in LibreOffice, Geany, Terminator… any GTK app to insert Unicode codepoints with the Ctrl-Shift+u unicode + Enter keyboard shortcut. It works well. Here’s an example: (U+1f66)

(In Terminator, codepoints with f do not work because of C-S-f keybind, but it is a small price to have that functionality in the terminal.)

But with Sigil, a Qt app, I do not know to make it work.

Do anybody has a clue?

No idea how to make C-S-U to work in Qt apps…

But maybe font-manager will be helpful for you too
I use it sometimes to copy and paste.


Font Manager! Yes, it is, good idea! Didn’t cross my mind.


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Hi @lobaluna ,


I created a very simple stupid script to choose an unicode icon. (font awesome list)
(It can be used for other fonts too, when create another list of icons of that font)

Check GITLAB muzlabz



Thanks for sharing! It looks great for using Symbola or Wingdings fonts.:tada:

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Hi @lobaluna

FYI … :penguin:

Improved unicode picker …

  • uses fzf (yay -S fzf)
  • session history (as long as the terminal session keeps open)
    (toggle script is handy for this)
  • added install and toggle script
  • added weather and GGmaterial icon list


in development

edit: a wee bit more improved. save history.

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Lovely script! Thanks for taking the time.
(I starred your project, if that is important).