Improvements for future Mabox release

work in progress…

This is a quick and dirty list of planned / considered improvements for the next Mabox release.
No release date yet.

Most of those small improvements will probably land soon with upcoming ISO refresh.

Menu/Sidepanels - more control about its size

Menu / Panels are to small on high resolutions, and no way to easily make it bigger.
Rewrite the way it is set and calculated in super + s → Menu/Sidepanels → …
icon_size = item_height = 2 x font_size - should be ok

Terminator (ready)
  • Better and more readable default font.
    Seems like JetBrains Mono NL Regular (size 9 or 10) is good candidate.

  • Cursor
    Blinking block instead underline

  • Transparancy
    0,9 looks good. Visible only when Picom is running ( toggle with super + c )

  • Provide example of advanced features like terminator -j config.yaml
    DBus server must be disabled.

Conky configs & session handling (ready)
  1. Provide better default Conky config files. They look very ugly especially when random wallpaper is used.
    Possible solution:
    Use subtle outline color in all conky configs - for sure in sysinfo and shortcuts list.
draw_outline = true,
default_outline_color = `#333333` 

#222222’ or ‘#444444’ may also look good.

  1. Create some predefined Conky sessions with colorized default conkies ( grey, green, yellow, blue, red). Switch between them easily from menu ( super + s → Conkies → Saved sessions)

  2. Fix/rewrite conky session handling. Scripts: mabox-conky-pipemenu, mb-conky-session, mb-conky-manager.

mb-reset script (ready)

Add options to restore/update

  • .bashrc
  • terminator config
  • reconfigure openbox automatically after update/reset rc.xml
mb-reset obrcxml

rc.xml (keyboard shortcuts)

Maybe launch pyradio with super + r

    <keybind key="W-r">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>sakura -e "pyradio -p"</command>

Bind DirectorialCycleWindows action to Ctrl + Shift + Arrows

<keybind key="C-S-Right">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>east</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Left">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>west</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Up">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>north</direction></action>
    <keybind key="C-S-Down">
      <action name="DirectionalCycleWindows"><direction>south</direction></action>


Menu for easily pick colors - with paste immadietely/ copy to clipboard functionality.
Jgmenu based, using GitHub - Jack12816/colorpicker: Click on a pixel on your screen and print its color value in RGB. Written for X11.

Sidepanels height

Full height or compact view.

Clicksnap - very quick window placement by clicking

Click on the appropriate area of the window to snap it in a given direction.
Already shipped with new mabox-tools package.
Add mousebinds to rc.xml if you like to test it.

GitHub - napcok/clicksnap: CTRL+click window snapping for Openbox/LXDE