I lost my Win key root menu!


Likely, I was tinting my rc.xml file to modify some shortcuts, and inadvertently I lost my root-menu, the one that opens when pressing the Win key.

I only have one occurrence of mb-jgtools main ipc in rc.xml. I suppose that this is the command to trigger the menu. Good that it exists, as second shortcut.

Please, where is Win key defined as trigger to root-menu?

Hi @lobaluna :slight_smile:

Main menu shortcuts are defined in both rc.xml and autostart file:
( super = Win key )


alt + F1 or super + space

<keybind key="A-F1">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>mb-jgtools main ipc</command>
    <keybind key="A-F2">
      <action name="Execute">
    <keybind key="W-space">
      <action name="Execute">
        <command>mb-jgtools main</command>
      <!---<action name="ShowMenu">


super - as alias to super + space

# Alias Super key to Super+Space for single-key menu.
# See 'man xcape' for other possibilities.
xcape -e 'Super_L=Super_L|space'


If you like to compare your rc.xml to system default you can use mb-reset helper command:

mb-reset -c obrcxml

This will show you differences using Meld (diff with GUI).


Thank you, VERY MUCH, dear @napcok !!!

I have to confess. I installed rofi to use it as an alternative to my root menu.
Thanks to your response I realized that by assigning the W-space shortcut (in rc.xml) to rofi.sh was a mistake, because the xcape program could’nt differentiate between W alone and W-space shortcuts.

Now I reverted to original Mabox, assigned another shortcut to rofi, and my Mabox is healthy and happy!

All Mabox tools/commands are great!