HTML Presentation Program?


I have a question: what is the program you see in this video? It’s like a presentation program, it’s great to move between the images, and you can also scale them, the content follows the size. I make a lot of tutorial videos so it would be useful for me too…
Sorry for my English, I’m using google translate!

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Hello @balacy and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This is done using reveal.js - an open source HTML presentation framework. It’s a tool that enables anyone with a web browser to create fully-featured and beautiful presentations for free.

And it is placed inside Yad HTML simple wrapper called yhtml - which is shipped with Mabox.


title=${2:-"Mabox Linux Doc"}

stdbuf -oL -e0 yad  --title="${title}" --window-icon=mbcc --borders=0 \
--width=${width} --height=${height} \
--no-buttons --no-escape --html --uri="${1}" --print-uri \
| while read -r line; do
	case ${line%:*} in
		https) xdg-open "${line}" &;;
		run)  ${line##*//} &;;
		config)  geany  "$HOME/${line#*//}" &;;
        term) terminator -e "${line#*//}" &;;
        termo) terminator -e "${line#*//};bash" &;;
		*)		echo "No URI";;

You can run it like:

yhtml /path/to/your/file.html

optional arguments: title width height

As you can see there are some more advanced features - like ability to run commands by clicking on links, used in Mabox for HTML help in Colorizer.
But you will probably not need them for simple presentation.

You can simply use command like for example:

yad --title="My presentation"  --borders=0 \
--width=800 --height=400 \
--no-buttons --no-escape --html --uri="/path/to/your/presentation.html"

Thanks for the answer, this is a very useful solution!