[HowTo] reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

Something I did not know…


Great for the ones having a sysrq key :slight_smile: I don’t but very usable intel, thanks!

Mine is Alt+PrtSc

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I use a fullsize @pple aluminum keyboard. I have none of those keys! (my bad, I know)

I used xev to have a look on the keys but they do not come back with the prtscr or SysReq keys designation. Also I have used the fn key which I need to have F1 through F12 working.

Just found this one
May be worth a read…


he thanks! I will dive into this. The most annoying is the need to use fn + F1…F19. I already mapped the XF86Launch6 (F15) to Print Screen requests but if this would work I don’t need todo this anymore.

Yes, I know, my laptop has this Fn+F1, F2 thing…
The most annoying thing ever!