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Hello on the community,

How to for obtain a icon of battery with the white color and how to created a new panel for placed on the bottom to the screen, please ?! Guillaume

Use icon theme which provide white battery icon.

Edit one of existing panels or create *.tint2rc file in ~/.config/tint2. Here you have guide how to create panel with *.tint2rc file:

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Yes, I search, but I’am not find for the moment… Where is the theme, please ?!

If I understood, I placed the code lines after the original code on tint2, that’s this ?

I don’t know which icons you like, try find your favourite here Full Icon Themes - And of course put them in ~/.local/share/icons or ~/.icons

It depends, if parameters that you added already existed in the file then you need only edit its value, if not then you should add them somewhere. If you created a new file you need to write all from scratch.

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I try to modify the parameters but not success and think ti writing the code since beginning. use scratch is bond ?!

I find a solution for see the icon of battery: gift a color of the background on the tint 2, simply

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