How to reach hardware settings in Lenovo 81MT

For a while ago i took over a Lenovo, modell 81MT with Win 10, for free (It has a little defect on it’s cover). I am planing to install either Mabox or ArchCraft on the machine, so sorry this is not a pure Mabox subject.

Now my problem is to reach the hardware settings (BIOS/UEFI) in order to turn the secure boot “off” and change the boot order. So I find out that first I have to turn the fast boot “off” from the Win 10 settings, which I succeeded with. However the machine boots in the same way with no possibility to reach the BIOS/UEFI no matter if I press F1, RETURN, or Esc at the startup. Anyone has any idea? Thanks in advantage …


Hej @Ingvar,
F2 or Fn + F2 twice in a second during startup.

IT WORKED! And succeeded to boot from the USB :smile: Thank you SO much, Peter :smile:
Installation will be for another day …

It’s seems that modern computers love to hide the features from their users …