How to install drivers for Brother DCP-195C?

Brother has drivers for my Scanner-Printer DCP-195C. Either as rpm or as deb files.
I downloaded the deb file, but when I try to install them as usual with
bash linux-brprinter-installer-..- DCP-195C
but I am getting the error-message:
CUPS is not installed.
I installed every cups-related package with pamac, but still the error-message appears.

I am not used to Manjaro. I have used Linux-Mint, Debian, MX18.3 , Linux-Lite and other distros which all use apt.

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You can try to install brother-dcp195c from AUR (Arch User Repository)

yay -S brother-dcp195c

Thank you for your reply.
I used the suggestion and many things happened in the terminal which I did not understand. Then it stopped and a “:” appeared. I pressed “Enter” and then much text was shown. Looked like a script.
I have no idea what to do.
I think I stop this test and return to Ubuntu-based distros and Debian based.
I installed hundreds of them successfully and know exactly how to use Synaptic and other package-managers. I know how to install the linux-drivers for my old brother scanner-printer etc.
I don’t want to study a few months to learn Arch or AUR or pacman.
That is something for experts, not for people who did not study IT or beginners.

Goodbye to all experts, I stay on my low level of knowledge where things work fine.


I feel the same way trying to get my Epson v19 scanner working. No issues using puppy Linux, debian, Ubuntu or any rpm based distros, but arch? That’s another story. Confusing and lots of research needed. Goodbye arch. Too bad because I love mabox but when something simple as using a scanner or printer can take some time find the right drivers, it’s not worth my time. :worried:

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