How to install drivers for Brother DCP-195C?

Brother has drivers for my Scanner-Printer DCP-195C. Either as rpm or as deb files.
I downloaded the deb file, but when I try to install them as usual with
bash linux-brprinter-installer-..- DCP-195C
but I am getting the error-message:
CUPS is not installed.
I installed every cups-related package with pamac, but still the error-message appears.

I am not used to Manjaro. I have used Linux-Mint, Debian, MX18.3 , Linux-Lite and other distros which all use apt.

You can try to install brother-dcp195c from AUR (Arch User Repository)

yay -S brother-dcp195c

Thank you for your reply.
I used the suggestion and many things happened in the terminal which I did not understand. Then it stopped and a “:” appeared. I pressed “Enter” and then much text was shown. Looked like a script.
I have no idea what to do.
I think I stop this test and return to Ubuntu-based distros and Debian based.
I installed hundreds of them successfully and know exactly how to use Synaptic and other package-managers. I know how to install the linux-drivers for my old brother scanner-printer etc.
I don’t want to study a few months to learn Arch or AUR or pacman.
That is something for experts, not for people who did not study IT or beginners.

Goodbye to all experts, I stay on my low level of knowledge where things work fine.

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