How to create more virtual desktops

I see no way to create more than the 2 existing virtual desktops. How is that done

Hello @hput3, and welcome to the forum,

Very easy … Mabox way…
Middle click on desktop → click on Add new desktop

Also easy… Openbox way…
Edit '~/.config/openbox/rc.xml` or use obconf (Openbox Configuration Manager)

Hi. I recently re-installed Mabox and wanted to give feedback about creating additional desktops. I first tried the “easy way” and after creating additional desktops my settings were not respected after reboot/log out (the system reverted back to the default of 2 desktops). I then used Obconf to create the additional desktops and my settings were respected after reboot/log out.
Since I’m new to Mabox (and this forum), I’m unsure of where to post this or even if this would be considered a bug - I’m happy to submit a bug report or have the mod delete/modify this post if necessary.

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Hi @david,
Indeed, you can add desktops using the middle click on desktop menu, but only until the end of a given session. I think it’s a good idea to save the changes permanently. I’ll take a look at the code and probably change it in the next update.
Thanks for the report.

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