How to change the default text-editor (geany) to gvim completely

I’m trying to change the default text-editor Geany to Gvim, and for the most it works. But somehow, if I open a config file from the left menu (for example “edit config file mabox2001 tintrc”), it still is opened with Geany. I checked all the files in .config/mabox, .config/openbox .config/jgmenu and .config/tint2. Every file there that contained Geany I changed to gvim, and also restarted a couple of times.
So probably there is more that I have to change …

At the moment Geany is “hardcoded” in many pipemenus and scripts.
You can try to find them:

grep geany /usr/bin/*

Then copy those scripts to ~/bin/ and edit there.

Awesome, thank you Napcok!