How to change icons in Tint2 Panel?

I would like to have Sardi icons in Tint2 panel. But when i change it in the Tint2 coonfig GUI or even in text config file, it’s always Numix icons in the panel and my changes does not affect anything.

(I can change icons theme in the menus, or in the OB configuration, with success. The only problem iu’ve got is with the Tint2 panel)


I can switch the Icons in the Launcher with this window :

As you can see I have the rounded icons enabled :slight_smile:

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Thanks. It’s the Numix-Circle icons. I can enable it. But i want to use the Sardi icons, not this set… In fact, in Tint2 panel i can use Numix or Numix-Circle, but nothing else. Even if the icon chooser menu let select another set…

@OlivierWierda your tint2 config is amazing!
(I see you have some problems with uploading images larger than 512KB - please use - to optimize them, its very easy tool)

@Fall66 Changing icon theme in tint2 can be very tricky. I never managed to fully understand this, and I’m usually stick with Numix.
Maybe this will help you a bit: [SOLVED] [Openbox] Icon-theme not working(?) / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

On this screenshot, you can see that Sardi icons are selectionned in the Tint2 GUI config, but it’s always the Numix-Circle icons that are in use…

@napcok : Do not understand too. I try the solutions that was suggested in the Arch forum thread but it did not change anything. Even tried to delete Numix-Circle folder and cp Sardi to Numix-Circle (in ‘/usr/share/icons’ but the only result was that the Tint2 icons fall back to the Adwaita icon theme…

So i switch back to Numix-Circle and let sardi off my way for now. :sob:

Yeah, tint2 is great panel but it also have some serious drawbacks and it is sometimes hard to configure.
I like it a lot anyway :slight_smile:

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@OlivierWierda Nice panel ! Maybe @napcok can make it a tint2 panel theme for a next release ? :wink:


Thanks alot :smiley:

I’m still working on the panel a bit, I want to make it a bit nicer still. But I have talked to @napcok already and I will submit to him a pack with the panel and some different variations as soon as its done!


@OlivierWierda Any luck on submitting your tint2 to @napcok ? If not, could you just share your .tint2rc so the rest of us can experiment with it?

Configs are available here :slight_smile:

Many thanks, and apologies for not delving deep enough into the forums to find this myself! I’ll look harder next time.

No problem … and welcom to the forum :slight_smile: