How to attach Openbox pipemenu to jgmenu? [SOLVED]

I’m trying to add a “recent documents” menu entry in jgmenu through a shell script.
The script is from Openbox:Pipemenus:recentfilesxbel - Openbox, and it is running smoothly on a terminal.
My issue here is how to run it in jgmenu.

In the favorites.csv, I’ve added this line:
Recent,^pipe(jgmenu_run pmenu | /home/$USER/.config/jgmenu/,system-file-manager (a random icon :upside_down_face:)

The generated menu does not show the script output, just a blank menu box.
Not a big deal, but for two days I’ve tried to figure out a solution…


Hello @Rhuks ,
Try something like:

Recent Files,^pipe(jgmenu_run ob --cmd=~/.config/jgmenu/

The above syntax can be used to add OpenBox pipemenus to jgmenu.

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Here is jgmenu native pipemenu version of mentioned above

grep file:/// ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel | tail -n15 |  cut -d "\"" -f 2 | tac | while read line; 
file=$(echo "$line")
name=$(echo -en "$file" | sed 's,.*/,,' | sed 's/%20/ /g')
echo "$name,xdg-open $line"
echo "$files"
echo "^sep()"
echo "Clear Recent Documents,rm ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel"

Save it as ~/bin/jgmenu_recentfiles
Make it executable:

chmod +x ~/bin/jgmenu_recentfiles

And attach it to menu by adding line:

Recent files,^pipe(jgmenu_recentfiles)
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Thank you @napcok! I picked the native version and It works perfectly.

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Also maybe it is worth to mention here…
If somebody needs “directory browser” (used in Left sidepanel for Quick Navigation) in Main menu.
It is also pipemenu (dynamically generated menu) …
It can be added easily, for example home directory:

echo "Home Directory,^pipe(jgbrowser ~),folder-home" >> ~/.config/mabox/favorites.csv
echo "^sep()" >> ~/.config/mabox/favorites.csv

You can attach any directory of course. Use ‘jgbrowser /path/to/dir/’.


And yad-icon-browser may be helpfull when searching for icon names.

#yad-icon-browser THEME
yad-icon-browser Numix-Square
yad-icon-browser Numix-Circle